Wedding Consignment

Inspired Bride FAQ

Q:  What do you take on consignment?

A:  We take items related to your wedding as long as they are clean and in excellent condition.  Wedding gowns, mother's dresses, special occasion dresses, veils, jewelry, and shoes. Dresses need to be in current style within the last 5 years. We are currently  NOT taking purses, slips or bras at this time. 


Q.  What types of decorations do you take?

A:  We are not taking decorations at this time.    


Q: Do you take homecoming and prom dresses? 

A: We are currently accepting prom dresses until March 30th. All prom dresses must be picked up by May 2nd.  Please see our homecoming and prom page for more details.     


Q:  How much do I get paid to consign?

A:  You receive fifty percent  (50%) of what your items sell for during the consignment period.

Q:  How will my items be priced?

A: We will do all pricing in the store.  Depending on quality, condition and style, items will be priced between 40%-60% of what the items original price was. We reserve the right to refuse to take any item on consignment. Your items are worth only what someone will pay for them so be realistic about how much you will get for your item. 

Q:  How long do my items stay on consignment?

A:  We have a 12- month consignment period for all consigned items except homecoming and prom, those items will have a specific time for pick-up.

Q:  When can I drop off my items?

A:  Any time during open hours and by appointment.  If you have over ten (10) items to bring in please call ahead for an appointment. You may also email us or message us on Facebook for quicker response. 

Q:  What does it cost to consign?

A:  We are not charging a fee currently.

Q:  What happens after my contract expires?

A:  We will call you when your consignment period is over, and your items are ready to pick up. You will have two weeks to pick up your items. Items that are not picked up will become the property of Inspired Bride, Inc.    

Q:  Will you notify me if my items sell?

A:  No. We do send out monthly checks. If one or more of your items have sold then you'll receive a check. We process checks at the beginning of the month for the previous month. 

EXTRA NOTE: We do not keep dress bags! If you bring your bridal gown in a preservation box, you will need to take the box with you. 

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