Q: Do you take homecoming and prom dresses? 

A: We will begin accepting homecoming dresses in August and prom in December.  We have a shorter consignment period for homecoming and prom. We reserve the right to accept or reject any items.  Dresses need to be clean and in working condition. We take 4 years or newer for homecoming and prom dresses.  

    All items for homecoming need to be picked up by November 2nd. If items are not picked up they become property of Inspired Bride, Inc

  All items for prom need to be picked up by May 4th. If items are not picked up they become property of Inspired Bride, Inc. 

  You must be 18 to sign the contract for consignment. Dresses will be tried on during the time of consignment and will get some wear and tear.


Q:  How much do I get paid to consign?

A:  You receive 50% of what your items sell for during the consignment period.


Q:  How will my items be priced?

A: We do all pricing in the store.  Depending on quality, condition, and style, items will be priced between 40-60% of what the items original price. We reserve the right to refuse to take any item on consignment. Your items are worth only what someone will pay for them so be realistic about how much you will get for your item. 


Q:  When can I drop off my items?

A:  Any time during open hours. If you have more than10 items to bring in then please call and make an appointment. You may also email or Facebook message us.


Q:  What does it cost to consign?

A:  We are not charging a fee at this time. However, if you would like to pick up your items before your consignment period is over then you will be charged 0.5% of sale price.  


Q:  Will you notify me if my items sell?

A:  We will send out checks at the end of the homecoming and prom season.